Left Shift Test

Elevate your testing game with Left Shift Test

Building a test organization for the future requires embracing agile methodologies, cultivating a shift-left testing culture, and transforming testing teams into strategic enablers.

Left Shift Test

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organizations need agile and innovative approaches to drive their product development and testing efforts. To successfully adopt agile testing, project teams must fully embrace the agile testing mindset and utilize proven practices and tools.Agile testing requires a collaborative approach and a shift in mindset to ensure effective testing throughout the software development lifecycle. The right testing mindset, processes, and tools are critical for success. Zimetrics Left-Shift Test Studio provides on-demand and ongoing test support to project teams, fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It serves as a platform that enables rapid prototyping, design, and development of testing solutions.


Incorporate testing activities early in the software development lifecycle, aiming to detect and address issues at their root.
Focus on designing highly testable software systems for efficient testing and debugging.
Encourage and enable testing on a wide range of devices, platforms, and operating systems without the need for physical hardware.
Facilitate creation of automated tests that simulate user behavior and interactions with the software.
Focus on validating complex algorithms used in software applications by leveraging mathematical models, data analysis, and rigorous testing methodologies.


Test Maturity Assessment

Review adoption of Agile, Purpose Engineering, Lean processes. Enable Continuous Feedback.

Test Setup

Deploy Left Shift, Risk Based, Automation First and Continuous Testing strategies across UI, API, Database, Devices and Hardware layers.

Test Execution and Management

Utilize licensed and open source tooling and accelerators to execute functional, automation, security and performance testing.

Platforms & Technologies

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