Unique as you! Engineered Embedded Software & Hardware Systems.

Develop custom engineered Edge hardware systems with purpose engineered hardware, firmware and embedded applications. Meet your most unique and demanding engineering needs.


Building well-engineered embedded systems is a specialized task that requires expert knowledge. When you add the complexity of building these systems for a digital-first approach, while also meeting user goals and regulatory requirements, the challenges and risks increase exponentially. Our Embedded Studio, focused on Design Led Engineering, addresses these challenges by leveraging strong partnerships with component OEMs, carefully curated partnerships, rapid prototyping capabilities, hardware engineering labs, and extensive expertise in designing, developing, and testing embedded systems for regulatory-compliant use cases.


Upstream inception of machine data through firmware engineering, ensuring core functionality and optimal performance of embedded systems.
Elevate intelligence to the edge, enabling real-time application of AI for immediate impact, enhancing responsiveness, and driving innovation.
Build accelerated testing frameworks to ensure the robustness and reliability of embedded systems, expediting development cycles.
Enable holistic view of IOT solutions by building fully integrated expertise from chip to cloud.


Firmware Engineering

Upstream intervention where machine data is born.

Edge AI Engineering

Taking intelligence to the edge for realtime application of AI.

HIL, SIL & Embedded Testing

Accelerator driven testing for embedded use cases.

Hardware Design, Prototyping & LVM

Hardware design, prototyping and Low volume manufacturing / production (partner enabled)

Regulatory Qualified Embedded Systems

Building embedded solutions to comply with FDA, ASIL, AIS requirements.

RF Reliability Engineering

BLE and Wi-Fi reliability using in-house hardware and reliability engineering labs.

Platforms & Technologies

Our Studios make exactly that, Real.