Benchmarking Exercise with 8nap AI Reveals Our Client can Outperform Competitors

Client is a pioneer in contextual advertising, recognized for its expertise in ensuring ad displays on safe platforms, targeting audiences with confidence.​

The Need

  • The client required data engineering and analytics support to gain insights into their product’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).​
  • They sought periodic capturing of competitors’ KPIs to assess their competitive edge in the market.​
  • Improving the accuracy of content classification into threat categories was crucial.​
  • An automated evaluation process was needed to replace manual assessments and maintain data for audits and tracking to retain accreditation certificates.​


  • Devised an advanced automated pipeline architecture using Apache Airflow, offering high flexibility to adapt to changing KPI capture methods and evaluation processes.​
  • Reusable design facilitated the evaluation of additional languages like Japanese and French.​
  • Utilized MLFlow to assess classification KPIs and share the source dataset for further training of core ML models.​
  • Implemented Google Looker dashboard for performance insights, streamlining data visualization and analysis.​
  • Enabled in-depth investigations into computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models.​

Impact generated


Performant KPIs over competitor to showcase product value

7 KPIs

Captured to generate insights across 8 dashboards


Additional languages supported, enhancing global scope of brand safety efforts​

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