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The rising expectations and complexities within the healthcare landscape demand more from HealthTech. These demands are characterized by need for elevated care quality, streamlined cost-efficiency, heightened therapy adherence, enhanced patient involvement, data-driven decision-making, and the imperative to bridge healthcare accessibility gaps. Our corporate strategy places a deliberate emphasis on innovation. This emphasis focuses on strategically integrating and applying advanced Data, AI, and Digital technologies to catalyse transformative solutions within the healthcare sector.

Our IntelligentMedicare(R) pre-engineered solutions prioritize Generative and Extractive AI.


Medical Coding

8Nap-powered Payor side solutions to optimize cost and turnaround times in Medical Coding within Revenue Cycle Management.

AI Assisted Radiology

Our AI Assisted Radiology solutions reduce errors and enhance radiology study cost-effectiveness.

Point of Care

Our Point of Care digital solutions and ePRO facilitate seamless collaborative care between caregivers and patients.


Our EHR and PACS integration accelerators swiftly unlock and democratize diverse medical assets.


MedLake integrates medical sensors, imaging, prescriptions, studies, and health records at scale to drive insights and digital innovations across caregiver settings.


The 8Nap-powered model hub offers pre-engineered models, harnessing core AI and cognitive computing capabilities throughout the care continuum.

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