Patient-Friendly Nerve Simulation Therapy Platform Resolves OAB Challenges with AWS-Based Centralized Logging Solution

Client is an innovative healthcare technology startup dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from chronic Overactive Bladder (OAB) conditions.


  • Existing logging solution was tightly coupled with mobile apps, causing difficulties in maintaining and troubleshooting the system.​
  • There was a need for a centralized logging and monitoring solution to streamline data management and analysis.​
  • Real-time log discovery was required to quickly identify and address issues.​
  • Data triaging based on region, client, OS type, version, etc., was a complex task. Error analysis and segregation needed improvement to avoid unnecessary data clutter.​
  • The client sought better user experience and ease of use with the logging solution.​


  • Transitioned to an AWS-based solution to leverage its scalability and flexibility.​
  • Pre-defined dashboards and monitoring were implemented for efficient data visualization and analysis.​
  • Data retention policies and patterns were defined to ensure easy data access and reporting.​
  • APM (Application Performance Monitoring) was set up to monitor system performance effectively.​
  • A scalable and serverless pipeline was developed for seamless logs streaming and transformation.​

Impact Generated

  • Unified & central logging and monitoring .​
  • Decoupled logging solution from mobile apps development and release cycle.​
  • Cost-effective scaling options based on varying requirements.​
  • Users could experience near real-time overviews of the system, enabling prompt actions on issues.​
  • Issue reporting and diagnosis time were significantly reduced to just 20 minutes, improving overall operational efficiency.​
  • Integration with AWS services became much more accessible, and data transformation capabilities were enhanced​.

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