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At Zimetrics, we believe that leadership is not just a position, but a mindset. We empower our team members to take initiative, collaborate, and innovate in everything they do. Our leaders are passionate, visionary, and supportive. They inspire us to achieve our goals and deliver value to our customers.

When you're a Zeemer, you are bold, brilliant, and ready for a new challenge!

Vikas K. Verma

CEO and President of Engineering

Vikas is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Zimetrics. He founded the company with a purpose of augmenting human and machine intelligence, and their collective potential. With over 20 years of experience in leading solution consulting, technology incubation and high-performance engineering businesses, Vikas brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization, and to our clients.

Vikas is a technology visionary with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Technologies, Cyber Security, Industrial IoT, Data Privacy, Distributed Computing, and Reliability Engineering. He is a strategic leader, who is dedicated to enabling phenomenal success for our organization and all its stakeholders.

Gurvinder Chhatwal

Chief Growth Officer

Gurvinder is Chief Growth Officer at Zimetrics, responsible for driving strategic growth for the organization. A passionate business leader with a proven track record of cultivating long term relationships that drive Business Outcomes with a strong focus on Customer Success.

Prior to joining Zimetrics, Gurvinder was at Salesforce where he led Customer Success for some of MuleSoft's key strategic accounts. He was responsible for product adoption and growth for enterprises in Technology, Automotive and Oil & Gas industries. Before his time at Salesforce, Gurvinder was the SVP-Business at Cybage, where he played an instrumental role in expanding the customer base in North America and delivered exceptional growth for the organization. With a laser-focused growth mindset and a passion for his work, Gurvinder has inspired his teams and customers.

Gurvinder is based in New Jersey, USA. With a deep sense of giving back, he has founded multiple philanthropic initiatives throughout his career.

Kiran Kembhavi

Senior Vice President - Product Engineering

Kiran is a seasoned leader driving product, technology and engineering outcomes for the industry. He leads large distributed product engineering teams across the globe with focus on continuous value delivery to customer, organization and teams. He has over two decades of experience in software product engineering, digital solution delivery, strategic client partnerships, presales, and product management.

At Zimetrics, Kiran's focus is on ensuring customer success, managing strategic clients, global delivery accountability and driving portfolio growth. He is well-versed in the latest technological trends and uses his expertise to continually enhance Zimetrics' engineering capabilities focusing on addressing business challenges of our clients.

Kiran is based in Toronto, Canada. In his spare time, Kiran enjoys spending time with his family, learning about personal finance, visiting theme parks, and traveling.

Chirag Bindal

Senior Vice President – Sales and Business Innovation

Chirag leads the Sales and Marketing functions at Zimetrics and drives the adoption of best practices across the organization. He plays a pivotal role in conceptualizing and operationalizing innovative Go-to-Market approaches. Additionally, Chirag focuses on ensuring customer success, fostering mutually rewarding long-term relationships with Zimetrics clients and partners.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Chirag is a seasoned business leader with a deep understanding of the technology landscape. He channels our organizational energy towards an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

Based in Seattle, WA, Chirag also serves on the board of DAMA Puget Sound, a not-for-profit association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data resource management. Additionally, he is the Communications Chair for HIMSS Washington Chapter.

Shishir (Sam) Mane

Director – Enterprise AI

Sam is the Director of Enterprise AI at Zimetrics. In the world where AI has become a norm, he spearheads our flagship AI platform called 8nap AI that targets challenging problems in the areas of natural language, vision and big data. He has over 17 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence with a special focus on Natural Language Understanding. His constant focus to build scalable horizontal AI platforms has resulted in automating business processes across domains like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, to name a few.

Sam is passionate about solving challenging problems, specifically where organizations have tried and failed against the sheer complexity of data and processes. He successfully manages large-scale customer implementations with goal-oriented objectives such as optimal AI accuracies with stipulated efficiency gains.

Prior to Zimetrics he was part of AI labs at Genpact, IBM Watson and Cognizant. He has led large platform teams with AI at its core. He also has a couple of patents in his name and a few more on the way.

Sam is based in Pune, India. He enjoys playing football, table tennis and is also an avid gamer.

Meer Sheikh

Vice President – Digital

Meer leads the digital practice at Zimetrics. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and profound understanding of technology trends, Meer has been a driving force behind numerous successful digital transformations for Zimetrics clients.

Meer's strategic acumen allows him to envision transformative solutions that align with the unique needs of each client, ensuring tailor-made approaches that deliver significant returns on investment. His expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Low Code, System Integration, consulting, and domain expertise, help craft robust and scalable solutions.

Meer's exceptional leadership style fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation within his teams. By empowering his colleagues to explore new possibilities and think outside the box, he nurtures an environment where creativity flourishes, resulting in groundbreaking solutions that exceed customer expectations. Meer is an influential force in Zimetrics, inspiring our clients to embrace the opportunities of the digital era.

Amol Makhar

Vice President – Technology

Amol is an accomplished IT professional with a remarkable 18-year track record in software technology design and delivery. As a seasoned leader, he brings a wealth of experience to the table, making him an invaluable asset to our organization.
Amol's passion for technology runs deep, and he thoroughly enjoys delving into new ideas and concepts. He firmly believes in keeping things clear and simple, making problem-solving an art of efficiency and elegance.

With a profound interest in architecting and solution design, Amol's expertise shines brightest in the realm of big data and cloud technology. His visionary approach and strategic thinking have contributed to the successful implementation of numerous cutting-edge projects.

In his spare time, he finds solace in physical activities, such as jogging and taking long walks. A devoted reader, he immerses himself in books that expand his knowledge and understanding across various subjects. By fostering mental clarity and focus, he continues to lead by example, inspiring our team to strive for excellence in both their personal and professional endeavors.

Priti Menon

Vice President - Delivery

Priti is our Head of Delivery and leads our key client engagements with a keen focus on ensuring Customer Success. With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, Priti is well-versed with the intricacies of global program delivery execution dynamics. As a passionate and inspiring leader, Priti believes in empowering teams and leading by example. Her primary responsibility is to foster continuous growth and development in individuals, processes, and technology.

Throughout her career, Priti has collaborated with clients across the globe, including Australia, Japan, and the US. Drawing from this extensive global exposure, she puts great emphasis on elevating Customer Experience above mere Customer Service.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Priti finds balance and holistic development through the practice of meditation and yoga. A devoted reader, she also enjoys exploring the world of literature. Priti's multifaceted interests and dedication to excellence make her an exceptional leader and a valuable asset to our team.

Khalid Imran

Vice President – Testing & QA

Khalid spearheads the quality assurance and testing function at Zimetrics. With a strong commitment to quality, Khalid is a seasoned testing aficionado, with over two decades of global experience in directing large-scale testing efforts. His expertise encompasses designing and implementing robust quality assurance solutions while guiding transformative journeys in the realm of Testing.

Khalid is highly skilled in crafting innovative solutions for testing programs. His proficiency shines in leading managed testing services, optimizing test functions, and orchestrating test pre-sales functions. His background spans diverse settings, from small start-ups to large service-based and product-based organizations. He has adeptly navigated a global clientele, comprising top-notch technology companies with varying domains, technology stacks, and testing complexities.

Beyond technical prowess, Khalid's passion centers around aiding individuals, teams, and organizations in understanding their current quality journey. He excels at charting roadmaps toward desired quality goals and facilitating progress along the way.

Jyoti Siwach

Vice President – Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

As head of Compliance and Regulatory operations, Jyoti is responsible for creating, sustaining, and continually improving the compliance practices across the organization. These govern our corporate affairs, our business operations, our people practices, our data privacy practices, our global-regional compliances, our sustainability practices and our ethics and corporate social practices.

Zimetrics is committed to be a trusted advisor and bankable partner to its clients; a safe, inclusive, and invigorating workspace for its people; a vigorous contributor to society; an energizing and co-invested partner to its vendors and a business with unwavering commitment to integrity and corporate values. Jyoti and her team charter this agenda, create the systems, and enable Zimetrics to go full throttle with confidence, knowing that it has the ability to do so, without ever compromising its foundational principles of Integrity, Innovation and Ingenuity.

Jyoti is a founding member of the Zimetrics team. She brings over 15 years of work experience with extensive prior experience in strategy and corporate governance in CPG domain.

Swati Patil

Head of HR

As the head of Zimetrics People Practices team, Swati oversees the Talent Acquisition and Human Resource portfolio. With 18 years of experience in the HR field, Swati is a highly skilled and astute professional. Her expertise covers Strategic Business Partnering, Talent Acquisition and Engagement, Employee Relations, Rewards & Recognition, and HR Operations.

Swati has worked with large Tier1 companies in the Retail, BPO, and IT sectors before joining Zimetrics as Head of HR in 2021. She is certified in Organization Development, Psychometric Analysis, Competency Mapping, and Design Thinking & Agile for HR Teams from prestigious institutes in India. Additionally, Swati is a Member of the Program Review Committee of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune.

Subhasis Bhattacharya

Advisory Board Member

Subhasis Bhattacharya is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in leading engineering and large-scale data technology solutions in prominent healthcare, finance, and e-commerce companies such as Athenahealth, Amazon, Wayfair, and JPMorgan Chase. With a robust background in data analytics, engineering leadership, and a proven track record of driving technological advancements, Subhasis brings diverse expertise to the Zimetrics advisory board. His multifaceted experience in both technology giants and innovative startups positions him as a valuable asset to guide Zimetrics in its strategic endeavors.

Based out of Greater Boston Area, Subhasis enjoys traveling and giving back to the community.

Dr. Asha D’Souza

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Asha D’Souza is a highly accomplished leader with over 25 years of extensive experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry. With a proven track record of driving business transformations, she is recognized as a trusted advisor and a thought leader in her field. Dr. D’Souza possesses a unique blend of strategic vision, deep industry knowledge, and a passion for leveraging technology to unlock the full potential of organizations.

Dr. D’Souza has held key leadership positions in various healthcare and life sciences organizations where she spearheaded transformative initiatives to drive growth and innovation. She led strategy and business development at Amazon-AWS as a global thought leader and a trusted advisor to many. As a trusted advisor, she has provided invaluable insights and guidance to numerous companies, assisting them in navigating complex challenges and achieving their innovation and growth objectives. She is a respected thought leader in the industry, frequently contributing her expertise through speaking engagements, and participation in industry forums.

As an Advisory Board Member, Dr. Asha D’Souza brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Zimetrics team. She provides strategic guidance and thought leadership to help navigate the complexities of the healthcare and life sciences landscape. Dr. D’Souza is committed to driving innovation, fostering growth, and empowering companies to unlock their full potential through the strategic utilization of technology and data.