Scalable Data Pipeline & Dashboard for Medical Device Leader

One of the largest medical devices companies in the world with 90,000+ employees and operations in 150 countries.


  • Scaling up platform for real-time patient data processing.​
  • Enhancing user experience by enabling patients to optimize their therapy devices, and coach patients with recommendations.​
  • Ensuring reliability with low latency, high availability and no data loss.​
  • Ensuring accessibility by integrating patient KPIs on all EMR systems.​


  • Secure solution for addressing large transactions, voluminous data sets and multiple users across geographies.​
  • Setting up real-time data processing platform for diabetes devices.​
  • High-performance real-time analytic pipeline at scale on AWS. ​
  • Dashboards for data analysis and monitoring of patient’s engagement metrics. ​
  • Supporting the customer towards FDA and HIPPA regulatory compliance. ​

Impact Generated


Increase in adoption rates​


Patients reported better outcomes


Savings in transaction costs with scalable cloud native pipeline​

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