Wearable Insulin Pump connected with Personal device.​


  • With growing number of teams, the need for coordination, syncing timelines and dependency management between multiple teams, became a challenge.​
  • Lack of visibility to program roadmap and product vision caused teams to execute without an end user goal and purpose.​
  • Challenges during integration touch points between teams caused friction and dissatisfaction.​
  • Program leadership lacked visibility to project’s operational parameters and metrics.​


  • Applied cadence, synchronized teams with cross-team PI Planning and other Agile ceremonies to significantly improve team collaboration and inter-team dependency management.​
  • Promoted shared understanding of behavior and architecture of the system as a whole, to apply Systems Thinking.​
  • Cultivating Agile Mindset, Agile Culture and Agile Thought Leadership via role-based coaching to enable Agile change agents.​
  • Shared insights on team’s progress and performance through Agile tools and by establishing reporting and governance around Agile Metrics.​

Impact generated

  • Better planning and predictable program velocity, delivering successful on-demand releases.​
  • Increased employee engagement and team motivation, promoting  transparency and better team collaboration.​
  • Increased productivity and  higher team efficiency, enabling quicker and incremental delivery of business values.​

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