Transforming Data Analytics for a Content-Level Contextual Analysis Provider​


The client faced significant challenges with their existing data analytics system:​

  • Inability to handle the growing data size, which reached TBs.​
  • Limited extensibility due to a flat structure, hindering future growth.​
  • Insights only generated for limited time, leading to system timeouts when extending the period.​
  • Complex and time-consuming process for generating new insights.​


Zimetrics enabled a seamless transition with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.​

  • Leveraging Snowflake as a warehousing solution to enable scalable and analytical insights.​
  • Adopting an incremental transitioning approach from Athena to Snowflake, starting with MVPs and progressively migrating more data.​
  • Utilizing curated data tables to optimize data readiness and time-to-market.​
  • Minimizing the learning curve by reusing Apache Airflow for data synchronization between S3 and Snowflake.​

Impact generated


Boost in overall system performance​

< 8 seconds

New explore times with Snowflake, compared to over 60 seconds with old Athena queries​


Curated tables enabling versatile usage across dimensions, supporting internal and customer-facing insights​


Enabled insights for date ranges larger than 3 times from earlier system.​

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