Establishing data correlations with powerful data insights​

Client is an innovative healthcare technology startup delivering next-generation, non-invasive neuromodulation system to improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic Overactive Bladder (OAB) conditions.


  • Extracting meaningful insights from the data collected to guide treatment adjustments by analyzing and interpreting the data derived from Impedance, EMG strength, and Pulse width during therapy sessions. 
  • Provide accurate feedback for personalized neuromodulation was challenging  due to data variability and noise 
  • Exploring the relationship between Impedance, Pulse Width, and EMG Strength to uncover correlations and enhance understanding.


  • Automated Snowflake data Pipeline to process stimulator (STIM) data   ​
  • Scalable ​transitioning to Snowflake enabled generating insights for a larger date range (Previously done manually)
  • Created tailored dashboards and reports using PowerBI. These reports provided customer with real-time and historical insights
    • Key features include:​
      • Interactive data visualizations, allowing users to drill down into specific metrics and timeframes
      • Trend analysis in the session data for OAB patients for Impedance, Pulse Width and EMG strength.
  • Tech Stack
    • Pipelines: Snowflake – External tables + SnowPark,  S3, Python/PySpark
    • Reporting: Power BI​

Impact Generated

Improved data quality – Real-time monitoring of STIM Session data for OAB patients, thereby enhancing data quality and mitigating outlier values.​

Powerful data insights – Providing insightful trend analyses into therapy sessions received by OAB patients, revealing the corresponding impact on the patient.

Data standardization – Generating Data Quality reports aimed at identifying and mitigating noise and outliers within the STIM data.​

Establishing data correlations​ – Identified correlations between impedance, EMG strength, and pulse width, offering valuable insights into the interplay of these factors.

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