AI enabled Insurance Document Processing Automation for Car Leasing Leader in US


The client faced significant challenges with their online car leasing platform around:

  • Making leasing car online experience instant & frictionless for buyers
  • High online drop rates arising out of offline document vetting
  • Rising cost of manual legal document review
  • Variability across insurance documents with redundant cases due to invalid documents


Zimetrics enabled an AI enabled Insurance Document Processing Automation:

  • Engineered on Zimetrics 8nap AI engine and hosted on AWS
  • Deep Learning powered Intelligent Document Processing to deal with visually and linguistically rich document
  • Model Monitoring with champion challenger MLOPs practices to maintain target efficacy in production
  • Headless integration with SME in the loop foe edge cases for uninterrupted real time customer experience

Impact Generated​


Reduction in online dropout rates due to frictionless instant approval workflow​.


Increase in customer footfall resulted to 15% topline growth.


Straight through case processing, improving 45% of operational efficiency​.

<70 Seconds

Online case processing time giving real time experience, 7-fold reduction in average case processing time​.

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