Why is Everyone Interested in Enterprise AI?

Enterprise AI

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies for organizations today looking to make their solutions data-driven and “truly intelligent,” and subsequently drive digital transformation. Organizations implementing Enterprise AI solutions are able to deliver step function improvements in business processes across their entire value chain, resulting in better business resilience, greater efficiency, increased profitability, regulatory compliance, and lower environmental impact.

Furthermore, the advances in AI and Machine Learning (ML) as well as the possibility of “elastic” cloud, data science, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly making way for a superior class of enterprise AI solutions. As a matter of fact, the global enterprise AI market is expected to grow at a whopping CAGR of 34.7% between 2022 and 2032 and reach a valuation of $155.8bn by 2030.

If you’re still wondering, AI and Enterprise AI majorly differ in the fact that the former focuses on adding value to your business processes while the latter focuses on high-value use cases at scale. Many companies end up developing dozens of AI-powered apps for specific use cases, but developing and delivering scalable Enterprise AI solutions will require transitioning to new tech stacks and partnering with experts.

Understanding the importance of Enterprise AI

Today, almost every industry is utilizing Enterprise AI applications to handle a wide range of use cases, including predictive maintenance and production optimization for industrial assets such as automotive, aircraft, manufacturing equipment, power generation, and transmission assets, and oil and gas production equipment such as compressors, pumps, valves, and so on, as well as inventory optimization, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, securities lending optimization, and customer service.

Following are some of the top use cases of Enterprise AI across verticals that sheds light on how AI is increasingly getting embedded in the value chain: 

Healthcare: The global healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation – one that includes every healthcare stakeholder to be smart and data-driven. Enterprise AI solutions are key to making healthcare accessible to everyone and becoming truly predictive instead of reactive. Enterprise AI solutions are spreading quickly in the healthcare domain, from enabling doctors with better diagnoses and treatments to helping patients stay conscious about their medications and appointments. Healthcare is one of the vital industries that need truly intelligent solutions; one that relies on actual data to make huge strides and avoid any future crises like the pandemic.

Digital Asset Management: Digital Asset Management (DAM) organizes your digital assets into a single repository, making it easier to share, manage, search, distribute, and monetize with internal and external stakeholders. Embedding AI into the design of a DAM solution unlocks its potential for rapid content discovery and automated management. With an enterprise AI platform, organizations can gain access to hundreds of models that can be used on-demand within their preferred DAM and daisy-chained together for unprecedented insights.

See how Zimetrics’ Intelligent Asset Management Solution (iAMS) helps manufacturers become truly data-driven and efficient.

Advertising and Marketing: Enterprise AI solutions are greatly benefiting the advertising and marketing industry. The number of AI-powered solutions is increasing by the day, enabling marketers to scale with ease. These tools provide a wide range of benefits – from reviewing content that might hurt a brand’s sentiment to optimizing the budgets for ad spending, testing ads to improve campaign performance, and so on.


So, to answer your question – Is Enterprise AI really worth it? Should you consider it? Yes. The world is increasingly becoming technology-driven. And because Enterprise AI facilitates digital transformation. In the coming years, almost all enterprise software will be expected to leverage AI. Building, deploying, and operating enterprise AI solutions at scale is essential to build a sustainable brand.  

With more businesses adopting Enterprise AI, new use cases will emerge as everyone reaches the peak of their transformation. Many businesses still consider Enterprise AI as a bridge to solve a specific problem or set of challenges – but it is time to address the inevitability of AI’s need in creating a future-proof organization.  


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