Low Code Enterprise
Discover how Proclaim Overcame Development Hurdles with OutSystems
AI for Healthcare
Navigate the complexity of building FDA qualified AI models, with confidence.
AI for Clinical Registries
AI Led transformations for the Hub of Clinical Innovations.
Defying Convention
At our core, we defy convention. We're not your run-of-the-mill tech consulting business. We're doers who believe in possibilities over undoables.
Trailblazers in Familiar Territory
We've blazed this trail countless times. What might be new and an uncharted for our clients is familiar territory for us.
Investing in Commitment
Investments transcends finances, it is our shared dedication. Our commitment is unwavering, propelling your success above everything else.
Co-Pilots of Progress
Our promise isn't just mere words, it's a steadfast commitment. Your victories are our destination, because when you win, we do too.

Who are we?

We are passionate about data, analytics and the digital technologies that power them.

Since our founding, we have been helping businesses and IT leaders deliver trusted insights to everyone in their organizations—so they make smarter decisions every day.




Our Engineering Philosophy

Privacy & Security by Design
We prioritize the integration of privacy and security measures into our engineering process, ensuring that our solutions are built with a steadfast commitment to protecting user data and maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and trust.
Design for 
We engineer solutions that encompass all user needs, ensuring no gaps or missing elements. Our holistic approach delivers comprehensive, robust, and satisfying experiences, leaving no requirement unmet.
Build for Scale
Our commitment to scalability ensures that as your organization continues to expand, our solutions will remain robust and capable of supporting your ever-growing user base, while also remaining flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions and emerging technological advancements.
Automate Heavily
We embrace extensive automation to minimize manual effort and maximize efficiency. Through heavy automation, we streamline workflows, reduce human error, and accelerate time-to-market, empowering our team to focus on higher-value tasks and deliver innovative solutions with greater speed and precision.
Build to Operate
Operations should not be an afterthought. We place emphasis on building with operational considerations in mind, ensuring that our solutions are reliable, easily maintainable, and seamlessly integrated into existing systems. By building to operate, we enable seamless deployments and minimize downtime.

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