Remote Assistance

ne of the largest communication technology companies has deployed a new tool to serve residential and small business customers who need repairs for their wireline voice, data or video services​


  • One of the biggest hurdles faced by customer service representatives assisting customers in resolving problems is understanding the situation as many customers struggle to explain it specifically​
  • Resolving issues over the phone is time-consuming and often requires a technician visit​


  • Zimetric’s AR based solution JARVIS or “I See What You See” enables the tech support teams to see the exact problem irrespective of where they are based​​
  • Visual Customer Support, which enables customers to share photos via their smartphone with customer service representatives for a quicker resolution of their issues.​​
  • The agent invites the customer to a one-off, secure session via SMS, without needing to install an app. The customer takes a picture of the equipment, and then receives instructions that resolve the issue.​


  • 10% increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction​​
  • 26% Reduction in technician visits to customers’ homes.​​
  • Enhanced and more productive customer experience.​​

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