Oral Health Device Manufacturer Achieves Faster Production, Higher Quality, and Lower Costs with Realtime Monitoring

Client is an oral hygiene product manufacturer delivering an innovative and professional level at-home oral irrigator designed for easy, fast, and effective oral care.


  • Telemetry Device Data: Managing, processing, manually tracking and analyzing telemetry data from various devices was time-consuming and prone to errors.​
  • CAD Design Time Sheet Data: CAD team frequently updated designs and revised dental mouthpieces. Managing and tracking design time sheets for these iterative processes was cumbersome and often resulted in data discrepancies and version control issues.​


  • Automated Snowflake data Pipeline ​to process telemetry and CAD data
  • Scalable ​transitioning to Snowflake enabled generating insights for a larger date range (Previously done manually)
  • Created tailored dashboards and reports using PowerBI. These reports provided customer with real-time and historical insights.
    • Key features include:
      • Interactive data visualizations, allowing users to drill down into specific metrics and timeframes.​
      • Trend analysis for Telemetry Hydro Test Data, helping to identify long-term patterns and areas for improvement.​
  • Tech Stack
    • Pipelines: Snowflake – SnowPipe + SnowPark,  S3, Python/PySpark
    • Reporting: Power BI​
    • API: API Gateway

Impact Generated

  • Efficient Monitoring Real-time monitoring improved efficiency and reduced downtime.​​
  • Improved quality controluseful insights into sensor data leading to dental mouthpieces meeting the highest quality standards
  • Resource Efficiency ​ Visibility into time spent on design of each mouthpiece, allowing customer to allocate resources effectively​
  • Time to Market​ Identification of bottlenecks in the design process and the ability to address them swiftly, positively impacting time-to-market.​

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