Medical Device Giant Implements Pattern Detector for Patient Insights​

One of the largest medical device companies in the world, with operations in 150 countries. The company offers an integrated system combining insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring.​


  • Develop a platform for pattern detection and insights on patient data.​
  • Identify sequences leading to life-threatening hypo/hyperglycemic events.​
  • Create dynamic features based on user requirements.​
  • Filter patients based on specified conditions.​
  • Display outcomes for events across variable timeframes.​
  • Train models on multiple target columns for single/multiple patients.​


  • Gained insights into patient behavior through frequent pattern observation.​
  • Utilized machine learning algorithms (Apriori, Random Forest, XGBoost) for advanced analysis.​
  • Provisioned a highly scalable cloud-based user interface for dynamic feature generation.​
  • Generates alerts by predicting patient behavior.​
  • Provided actionable insights for corrective measures and lifestyle recommendations.​



Improvement in patient outcomes​


Boost in CSAT – patient delight for receiving recommendations in their inbox​


Clinical support team able to resolve patient calls in half the time.​

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