Manufacturing Digitization​

Manufactures, markets, and sells Oral products- A personalized and refreshing oral care experience that makes it incredibly easy to floss in just 7 seconds​


  • Develop and evaluate and implement an enterprise applications stack to facilitate the marketing and selling oral products​
  • Convergence of data, platforms and processes through low code digital apps​


  • Evaluation, selection and implementation of off-the-shelf products befitting client needs.​
  • Lead generation, nurturing to conversion; marketing automation and case management – HubSpot​
  •  Customer-facing portal leveraging eCommerce platform capabilities to sell core and associated products – Shopify​
  • Items and Order management, AR/AP management – NetSuite​
  • Orchestration and process automation tool: PaaS – Celigo​
  • Development of a portal for channel partners: Dental Practitioners to market and sell oral products using a low-code development platform – OutSystems​


  • Quick turnaround of complex solution blueprint​
  • ​​End-to-end process mapping spanning multiple functions and applications​
  • Enhanced and more productive customer experience.​​

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