Driver Behavior Analysis​

Our customer is a leader in Drive Safety Assessment technology for monitoring and incident assessment for Hazardous material logistics.​


The customer needed:

  • To improve business agility by augmenting manual incident clips assessment​
  • Enable rapid risk identification​
  • Reduce turnaround time and improve agent efficiency​


  • Leveraged Google Cloud Compute-based video feed analytics platform​
  • Analyses acoustic feed, video feed, and sensor data for incident detection​
  • Developed the solution over Google Cloud platform, Computer Vision, Tensor flow, and Keras ​

Impact generated

  • 23 of 78, Driving behaviors assessed using computer vision.​
  • Reduced Incident review TAT from 300 secs (manual review) to 42 sec (assisted reviews)​
  • Review costs reduced by 45%​
  • Model Accuracy of over 89%​

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