Deploying ECU Authentication over CAN2.0A for a large US based Automotive OEM. 


The automotive OEM needed:

  • To enable a hot plug-and-play ECU​
  • An initial system R&D for Traction Control System.​
  • Rolled for all critical ECU​
  • Build hold plug-and-play of OEM for an aftermarket ECU​
  • Detect and report non-approved critical component usage: Warranty​


  • TCU: Renesas Porter Board Rollout Retargeting Sierra TCU, Running Yocto OS​
  • ECU: Infineon Chipset TC27xT, Electrobit EB Tresos AUTOSAR​
  • Comm BUS: CAN2.0 A​
  • Standards: AUTOSAR, ASIL B (ISO 26262)​
  • TCU Clients:  FOTA Client, ECU Manager, “Diagnostic Data Client (DiagMon: OMA-DM)”​
  • CAN OBD Diagnostic: Condition Manager º Fault Tree (Engine Check Signalling)​

Impact generated

  • Developed firmware to implement Hot Plug & Play ECU provisioning & auto-configuration.​
  • Enhancements to ECU Manager, FOTA client.​
  • Local & Remote OEM-approved Component Verification. (Local figure prints, remote serial checks)​
  • Integrated with Condition Manager – Fault Tree. Enabled Engine Check signaling and CAN OBD reporting.​
  • Connected Car Component Authentication (OMA DM)​

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